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Approximation Monitoring is conducted by EUROSCOPE through the analysis of the ongoing adaptation of the laws, decrees, and critical norms and regulations elaborated by the Ukrainian Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, Presidential Office, and other state authorities responsible for the aligning and implementation of the legal basis within the EU acquis framework and in accordance with the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

Outputs of the Approximation Monitoring are produced in the formats of monthly Digests and monthly Media Monitoring Reports, and accompanied by Analytical articles. The structure of the Association Agreement’s Clusters is applied in all reporting for the purpose of quick reference and coherence of the monitoring.

The EUROSCOPE website serves as an aggregation portal for structuring general information about the EU acquis in their common sequence from Chapter 1 through Chapter 35. Accumulative analysis provided on the website is based on the Assessments produced by the European Commission, Ukrainian government, and Civil Society Organizations.

Colour schemes and infographics enhance visualization of the monitoring stages and each of the EU acquis‘ actual status of implementation based on the accumulative assessments and analysis.

Methodology detailed.

Approximation analysis model


Position in EU acquis and current synchronization status.

Make Sense

Analyze it: initiation, production, implementation, benefits.


The value added.

Review and Revise

No limit to perfection.

Euroscope Methodology

Assessment grading metrics and color scheme

Euroscope Methodology Color Scheme

Early stage of preparation (1)

Approximation has not started or has been degraded by legislative changes.

Some level of preparation (2)

Approximation has started with minimal legislative changes.

Moderately prepared (3)

Approximation is in the process of active elaboration and implementation.

Good level of preparation (4)

Approximation has a solid basis of alignment with the EU acquis.